WE have met in beginning of august 2021 to train and conduct first testing phase of the prototypes (first versions) of visual tool and the basis for the manual. 

The training took place in Spala, Poland for youth workers – our co-workers and volunteers; people working every day with youth in training, youth exchanges or volunteer projects + 1 young volunteer (student) from each country. From Poland participated 10 people, from Germany 4. 

During the training: 

  • they tested the prototype of the tool in individual work on themselves. 
  • deepened reflection on the impact of the tool on the participants
  • The participants were trained how to methodically use our tools in the group; 
  • in smaller groups they gave us feedback on the tools themselves 
  • recommendations to IO1 and IO2. 

The objectives of the training were: 

  • Practical testing of the prototypes of the methods developed by the experts within the first stage of IO1 development. 
  • Gathering feedback on these prototypes which will allow to develop good quality methods in the second part of work 
  • group process supervision complementing the IO1 study, which will be part of the further work on the visual methods and will be used in the preparation of a manual for their use IO2 (how to use the methods to manage and support the group process, how these methods influence what happens in the group) – Acquisition of competences by youth workers to apply such methods in their work 

Results to be used by experts working on IO1, IO2:

  • workers (oral evaluation and in-depth interviews)

Above that, it was a time for excitement, cooperation sharing. Being there for each other and for others. For love and friendship. 

This meeting was as colorful and diverse as ME Time. 

ME Time in Spala
ME Time in Spala